Our Washer Repairs Are Among the Most Cost-Effective in Town

Is your washing machine not doing the job it was designed to do? Whether it has succumbed to a leak, has a problem spinning fast enough to wring water out, or just isn’t getting your clothes and linens fully cleaned, Dependable Refrigeration, LLC, is ready to step in. Not only do we offer some of the best quality repair services in the greater Tucson region, we’re also your affordable solution for washing machine repair. Approximately 70% of our customers pay less than $228 for their washer repair! That’s one of the lowest prices around—and it’s far less than you’d spend replacing your broken washing machine with a brand-new unit. We have more than 30 years of experience performing washing machine repair and other appliance repair services. We stand behind our work with a one-year warranty on parts and a six-month warranty on labor. Our experience ensures that we accurately diagnose and resolve your issue, while our warranties protect you in the long run. Both help make our washer repair service some of the most cost-effective in town. Ready to learn more about what sets Dependable Refrigeration, LLC, apart? Call or e-mail us today to get answers to your questions and to book your washer repair appointment!

tucson appliance repair cost

It’s tough being an adult these days... Debt payments, car repairs, college bills, and home maintenance can be expensive and scary. There’s nothing I hate more than unexpected repairs bills on my home, or anywhere else.So when one of your appliances breaks down, the last thing any us want is some giant repair bill. The appliance repair industry has two pricing models that are commonly used when they arrive at your home. The first billing method is called “time and materials”.This is exactly what it implies; you pay for the time it takes to complete the repair along with any parts or materials required.One big problem – you don’t know until the tech is finished exactly what your total bill will be. Not fun! This is a recipe for failure for you, the technician and his employer. Your final bill may be $150, or it could be $550. Problem is, you won’t know until it’s too late. The second model is flat rate, also known as upfront pricing.This too, is descriptively named. Under flat rate pricing, technicians charge a fee to come to your home and perform a thorough diagnostic. Then, you are quoted the repair and given a fixed price including all labor and materials to repair your appliance and get life back to normal.You can approve the repair or just pay the diagnostic fee and we part friends. Only upon your approval does the repair commence. And, if it takes longer than expected, it’s our problem, not yours. Flat rate pricing is preferred by our appliance repair customersAnd, for obvious reasons. We complete the diagnosis and tell you exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost. If you have us complete the repair we waive the diagnostic fee so there is no double billing. We make sure that the prices we quote are fair and competitive so you don’t feel like, well, you just got back from the cleaners. The problem I’ve had from day one with the time and materials model is that the customer can be easily taken advantage of with an inflated repair bill. Worse yet, once completed, you feel obligated to pay no matter what. This, of course, can lead to unhappy clients…… And, little to no repeat business in the future. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of. We think you’ll prefer the way we do business as its fair and practical for everyone involved. Plus, it keeps my company and service advisors honest because we want to earn your business each time you need us. Ridiculous prices certainly won’t get us there. Our up-front pricing takes into account our overhead costs (which we strive to keep to a minimum) including insurance, payroll and employee benefits, vehicles expenses and repairs (see, it’s that unexpected repair thing again), rent, utilities and the costs of doing business here in Greater Tucson. Our customers tell us our prices are fair and reasonableAnd, they love the way we treat them throughout the entire process.Well, give us a call when you need us and we will be right there. We answer our phone nights, holidays, and weekends, 24/7/365. P.S. If you do need appliance repair anywhere in Tucson today, mention this article and my technical advisor will take $74 off your bill, no matter what. You can reach us at 520-888-7039​

3 pro tips to extend the life of your refrigerator

Summer months are no doubt labeled rightly as the period of overused refrigeration. It is the time of the year when the refrigerator is the most used appliance in the home, frequently being used to store different foods to keep them from spoiling due to the heat. With the constant running of the refrigerator to keep the food chilled, you also need to ensure that it does not give up on you during the hot months. In an area like Tucson where the weather is generally hot, with more warm months than cold ones, , you must ensure that your refrigerator runs smoothly throughout the year. Read on to find some useful tips to help you from falling prey to unwelcome refrigerator problems: Get Regular System InspectionTo keep your refrigerator from giving you troubles during the peak summer months when you absolutely cannot afford it, make sure that you get it serviced regularly to ensure every part is in good working condition. This means that at least twice a year, you should call in the appliance repair company to seek their advice on the well-being of your refrigerator. Keep It CleanThis goes without saying, but during the summer months, you might have to keep your refrigerator cleaner than usual. Although when you give your refrigerator for service, they clean all its parts inside out. Nevertheless, after a month or two, you should do some cleaning on your part to ensure that dust particles do not give you any trouble later on. Be ProactiveWhen you have a refrigerator to run all year at peak performance, you must be very proactive about any possible damage that can occur. Don't ignore any warning signs your refrigerator might be giving you; always have the appropriate precautionary measures in place. If you feel something is wrong with the appliance, call in a refrigerator repair company in Tucson right away! Remember; being vigilant on your part will help you avoid unnecessary problems with your refrigeration. About The CompanyDependable Refrigeration is a refrigerator and appliance repair service since 1998. They provide 24-hour appliance repair services to residents of Tucson and surrounding areas of Vail or Oro Valley. ​

refrigerator repair - how to save yourself time and money

  It can be a nightmare when your refrigerator is in need of repair. Who do you call, how much is it going to be, is all this food going to be wasted? You might even consider trying to fix it yourself, but it can be dangerous and end up costing you more in the long run. So, what do you do when your fridge is on the fritz? There are several things to consider when trying to save yourself time and money on refrigeration repair. Basic TroubleshootingThese days everyone is a do-it yourselfer, but not every job should be approached in that way. You can actually cause more damage than good and waste more time and money by trying to fix it yourself. Before you call a professional, check the basic problems first to ensure it isn’t something major and save yourself a service fee. Service fees alone can cost upwards of $60 plus just for them to tell you it wasn’t plugged in. That would be one expensive and embarrassing mistake. Now, you’ve wasted your money and their time. Make sure to check for any blown fuses and the circuit breaker. It will be way less costly to spend a few bucks replacing a fuse or circuit breaker. Also, check to see if you still have it under warranty. Warranties can cut the cost of service repairs or not cost anything at all. The warranty provides expert advice on your particular refrigerator and common problems that have already been evaluated. So, if none of those seem to be the problem, leave it to the professionals to service and repair your appliances. They are the experts and have the knowledge and tools to fix the problem. It is what they are trained to do, so don’t waste too much time trying to investigate it on your own. Research a CompanyIt can be a challenge when trying to figure out who you are going to call. Don’t stress yourself too much. Chances are, you or someone you know can recommend or refer you to an appliance repair professional. If you don’t know of anyone, then do the research on your own. You can search online or maybe you remember a commercial ad you saw on T.V. There are so many companies out there to choose from. Make sure too look through reviews to be better informed on what type of business they are or how they conduct themselves. Reviews can be the best tool in making the decision and finding a great repair company. You can get a feel for a company’s customer service by the reviews written from previous customers. Reviews will tell you whether or not this is the kind of company that treats their customers well and if they are credible. Give them a call to better assess their customer service. Speaking to someone from the company will give you an idea on how they will treat you. The better informed you are the better your service experience will be. Call or email different companies and get a few different quotes on their services, service fees, and hourly rates. Ask if there is a minimum charge for them to come out and if they charge a flat fee for if the work is less than an hour. Each situation is different, so they might not always be able to give you a quote on everything right away mainly because they do not know what exactly is wrong with your refrigerator. At the least, you will want to know the service fee for coming out. Sometimes, the company you are calling doesn’t service the appliance that you need, so make sure to ask if it is their specialty. It can also be tempting to find an inexpensive handy man. Going that route can be costly because there is that chance that they could make it worse or fix it, but a few weeks later you have to call in a professional. Now, you’re out double or triple the cost it would have been the first time around. The best way to get the most out of your time and money is to make sure they are licensed and bonded. You don’t want to risk major repairs on someone who may or may not be legit without the proper credentials and experience. Service AppointmentAfter all the research, you should be confident in the company you have chosen. Have your make and model number handy if possible. You want to help the repair man as much as you can so he can identify the issues and save you extra time and labor costs. The more information you can give them the better they are equipped to assess the problem. Having that information is valuable in the sense that it may be a common problem or they can bring the necessary parts with them cutting back on the time it takes to order it and install. Make yourself available at the times they give you. You don’t want to waste any more time without refrigeration. Give your service repair man plenty of space to work in. The area around and above the refrigerator should be clear and accessible for him when he arrives. It will maximize your repair man’s time by ensuring there isn’t anything in the way or surrounding your refrigerator. Following these simple tips will help you save time and money. Doing the research will ensure you find the right repair professional that fits your criteria and budget. Get as much information as possible to narrow down any troubleshooting question they might have. Ask about the prices and don’t be afraid to negotiate. See if they have any specials or deals for first time customers. Be proactive and make sure you are getting what you want.  ​

5 tips to take the bad taste out of Refrigerator water

  Water is one of the most important things we can put into our bodies, but when it tastes like plastic or mildew we would rather opt for something else. It would be great if we were fortunate enough to have our very own natural springs in our backyards, but we settle for the water filtration system that comes with most side by side refrigerators. The internet is full of forums on this subject, so I have compiled my list of tips to help you find the best possible solutions for better tasting refrigerator water and ice cubes. Check Your FilterThe number one complaint I come across is the refrigerator water tastes like plastic. The first thing to do is check your water filtration system. Filters should be replaced every six months and more frequently depending on your usage. Keep a note posted on the side of the refrigerator with the make and model number of your refrigerator for easy replacement filter orders. The instructions on the water filter will generally tell you to dump the first 5-10 gallons of water and the first few batches of ice. This will help flush the system by bringing fresh water into the lines, reservoir, and new filter. Water Lines and ReservoirMost refrigerators have flexible plastic water lines that connect your home’s water to your refrigerator. Check these lines and make sure they are free from any black grime. These plastic lines can absorb odors and leach into the water causing it to taste like plastic or anything else musty for that matter. If you can, have a professional man change out the lines for copper ones and flush your system again. This should take away the plastic taste leaving you with refreshing tasting water. If your water is still off putting, check your water reservoir tank. Clean or replace your water reservoir tank and test your water again. Water Filtration SystemsWater quality can be affected by a number of factors. Hard water and minerals cancause your filtration system to wear down causing your water to be less than desirable. You can purchase water test strips from your local store to see if your home’s water is a candidate for a soft water system or reverse osmosis. Although, it is said that consuming soft water through a refrigerator filtration could lead to higher levels of sodium, it is suggested that you choose reverse osmosis which is how bottled water is filtered. Wandering OdorsStrong smelling foods such as fish, cheese, or spices can be absorbed into your water and ice. Make sure to wrap and seal any potentially potent foods tightly, so the odors don’t transfer into the water and ice. Keep a box of baking soda in the door or closest to the point of any robust smells and make sure to change the baking soda out every month. Keep It CleanCheck and make sure there are no food spills or mildew growing inside your refrigerator or freezer. You can clean your refrigerator and freezer naturally using equal parts warm water and baking soda with a tablespoon of lemon. If you have any questions or would like more information contact us today at (520) 888-7039 or info@appliance-repair-tucson.com.​




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